IMV Studio Development Platform

  • IMV Studio Development Platform
  • IMV Studio Development Platform

IMV Studio Development Platform

      1.  Simple & multi-platform development environment

IMV API brings PC Base developers a new way of convenient development with high flexibility and wide support. It can quickly develop various visual applications on various development platforms with a simple single Namespace name. Moreover, it supportsVisual C、Visual C++、Visual Basic .NET、Visual C# .NET、Visual Basic6, and also fully supports Windows XP and Windows 7 environments


      2. Development tool with low CPU load but high performance

After years of efforts, innovation and improvement, IOIP can achieve high efficiency and low load in computing, and effectively transfer CPU resources to other applications whether it is the low-grade Atom or the high-computation Inter I series, such as PLC communication program, axle card driver and database application.


3.  Unrestricted image source

IMV API provides open image support, including cameras with various interfaces, frame grab cards and even simple pictures, thus reducing the costs and improving the flexibility for IMV API users.


  4.   Support more accurate sub-pixel precision

In all image detection functions, IMV API is equipped with sub-pixel precision calculation function, thus meeting the precision requirements in industrial mechanical vision applications.


  5.  Develop Program Support Function(IMV Develop Studio)

For visual engineers who need to develop and write, the IMV API will be able to support development environments, such as Visual Basic and C#, and provide a suite of auxiliary functions, IMV develop studio, to assist engineers in completing the entire application.