Precision Alignment Technology Based on Visual Image Assist


       Alignment technology is widely applied to industrial manufacturing, such as labeling, embossing, etc. With the improvement of automation technology, automatic alignment system gradually replaces manpower to enhance production efficiency and save manpower cost. In the past, automatic alignment system generally adopted mold alignment, and the method was mostly combined with mechanical components to achieve the positioning, such as positioning bead, positioning column, positioning pin and other components. However, there are limits to the contact alignment through mechanical components. Therefore, visual image assist can greatly improve the alignment precision. Next, we will use an implementation case to show how to apply visual image assist technology to precision alignment. 

Precision Alignment Technology Based on Visual Image Assist

Implementation Case

This implementation case is applied to object labeling. Its purpose aims to apply the label (film) precisely to the designated position of the pasted object (back shell of mobile phone) through the automatic system. It assists positioning through dual camera (hereinafter referred to as upper camera and lower camera), as detailed below.

The software and hardware specifications are shown as follows:


Upper camera: Industry Camera for 12MP           

Lower camera: Industry Camera for 6MP 

Lens: Industry Fixed Focal Lens for 15mm                                  

Light source: 200mm*200mm backlight   

Light source: 200mm Red strip light source X2

Controller: 24W light source controller   

Controller: 24W light source controller